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view a real life story* of people from our region living with mental illness.     see more videos >>

dilly story - part i
dilly story - part 1
mark dilly (part 1)
after the death of his father, mark grew up as the eldest son of a single mother in a small west-central mn community mark describes his long journey with depression, bi-polar disorder, and chemical addiction from a young age, and how he eventually found help and recovery.
dilly story - part ii
dilly story - part 2
mark dilly (part 2)
in part two of this interview mark talks about the stability of his new life, his restoration with family, and his fresh new outlook on life.
andrew story - part i
andrew story - part 1
andrew (part 1)
at age 26, andrew was diagnosed with asperger syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. he describes both challenges and positive aspects of his extreme sensitivity to sensory input, and also reveals a new form of chess he invented.
andrew story - part ii
andrew story - part 2
andrew (part 2)
in part two of this interview, andrew discusses the many ways he successfully navigates the challenges of life with asperger syndrome and his many accomplishments.
story pearson
pearson story - part 1
dave pearson (part 1)
dave pearson lives in glenwood, mn. dave was diagnosed with bi-polar, ptsd, and personality disorder. dave talks openly about the painful circumstances of his past, and his struggle with mental illness. dave also describes a significant turning point in his life that set him on the road to recovery.
story pearson
pearson story - part 2
dave pearson (part 2)
in part two of this interview dave talks about the importance of goals and
pro-active, positive action in a person's life to help them manage their illness and live a full life. he also offers perspective and sound advice
for anyone diagnosed with a mental illness.
story hiatt
hiatt story - part 1
tom hiatt (part 1)
tom hiatt lives in morris, mn, and has managed depression for many years. tom describes how the depression affected many of his life decisions, and how events that occurred in his childhood affected his depression. 
story hiatt
hiatt story - part 2
tom hiatt (part 2)
in part two of this interview, tom describes how he uses creative writing and journaling as “therapy” for depression, and also talks about his goals for the future. he also offers a healthy perspective on how someone experiencing depression can view themselves positively and realize they are not alone.
story branby
branby story
justin branby
justin is from starbuck, mn,  and now lives in alexandria, mn. while attending college in the twin cities in the early 1990's, he became seriously depressed and was unable to complete his college career. now, nearly 20 years later, justin has been walking a healthy road to recovery and is rediscovering his goals and dreams.
story glaesman
glaesman story
al glaesman
al glaesman, the assistant director of the douglas county hra in alexandria, mn, experienced major depression and sought treatment early. al shares about the extreme stress that led to his depression and how he is able to maintain recovery.
story boe
boe story
chris boe
chris boe lives in traverse county and is the former director of traverse county social services. boe was diagnosed with bi-polar 2 a few years ago. he talks about his experiences with mental illness, the effect it has had on his life and family, and how he is working to over come difficult circumstances and lead a healthy life.  
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