real advice from real people


in this new series of videos, people who have experienced mental illness share practical tips for healthy living they have learned through experience.


intro anti-stigma
brooks - part 1


brooks (part one)
in this video, susan brooks briefly describes her own experience with mental illness and shares practical tips for healthy living.


tip #1: “managing anxiety in busy public places.”


note: for a more full presentation of susan’s experiences with mental illness, view her story under the “my video story” section of this web site. 


story hinds
brooks - part 2

brooks (part two)

tip #2: “taking care of yourself and your health” which includes personal appearance, getting regular health check-ups, the benefits of exercise, and a rich spiritual life.


story glaesman
brooks - part 3

brooks (part three)

tip #3: “discover new interests and try new things.”

tip #4: “friendship and companionship are important” which includes making new friends and the benefits of having a pet.” 


story kiehn
brooks - part 4

brooks (part four)

tip #5: “get out, be active, and improve your environment.”

tip #6: “never let your limitations limit you. adapt and find new ways.”


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to share your experiences with mental illnesses:

*names may be changed to protect identity.